Press Releases & PR

Being featured in reputable publications like Forbes,, Bloomberg, and Associated Press can give your product or service a major credibility boost. When potential customers see that your product or service has been featured in these publications, they’re more likely to trust you and your brand. This can lead to increased sales and a stronger bottom line

Importance of Press Releases & PR

PR and press releases are powerful tools for brands, offering several key benefits. They help in building brand awareness by generating media coverage and attracting attention from journalists, bloggers, and influencers. By controlling the narrative, brands can shape public perception through strategic messaging in press releases. Developing positive relationships with the media is essential, and PR efforts assist in nurturing these connections, leading to increased media coverage and exposure. Press releases are particularly effective for announcing product launches and important brand milestones, creating buzz and excitement

The proof is in the numbers

How PR and Press Releases can bring in the numbers?


Press releases remain the preferred method of news distribution among journalists and editors, with an overwhelming 81% expressing a preference for this format. Utilizing press releases enables brands to effectively reach media professionals and increase the likelihood of media coverage.


When consumers encounter positive media coverage of a brand, their trust increases significantly. Studies show that 64% of consumers place higher trust in brands when they see positive media coverage. By securing favorable media attention through PR and press releases, brands can enhance their credibility.


When well-optimized and strategically distributed, press releases can have a substantial impact on website traffic and visibility. On average, press releases contribute to a 48% increase in website traffic, driving organic visitors to explore brand offerings and engage with content.


FAQs about PR and Press Releases

Looking to learn more about PR and Press Releases for your business? Browse our FAQs:

PR and press releases can benefit your brand by increasing brand awareness, shaping public perception, generating media coverage, announcing new products or milestones, managing crises effectively, and enhancing online visibility. These efforts can contribute to building credibility, attracting customers, and maintaining a positive brand image.

Fame Delivery offers professional PR and press release services to help brands craft compelling and newsworthy content. Our team of experts can assist with strategic messaging, media relations, content creation, and distribution, ensuring that your brand’s key messages reach the right audience and media outlets for maximum impact.

Yes, PR and positive media coverage through press releases play a significant role in improving consumer trust. Studies show that when consumers see positive media coverage, their trust in a brand increases. By utilizing PR and press releases to secure favorable media attention, you can enhance consumer trust and credibility.

Well-optimized and strategically distributed press releases can significantly contribute to increased website traffic and visibility. Press releases often contain relevant keywords and links that improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. This increased visibility can attract potential customers and lead to engagement with your brand’s offerings.